How to Unclog A Shower Drain

One of the most common problems which homeowners come across is a bath or shower drain which is blocked. The blockage is formed due to the build-up of soap, hairs, dust, minerals, etc. You can use professional plumbing service experts to clear the drain clog. There are many ways in which you can try by yourself to unclog your drain. 

Shower Drain Service
Shower Drain Service

In This Article We will be Discussing Such 6 Ways Which Are:

  1. Use of Boiling Water

    This is the easiest way to clean out the drain full of soap foam and dust. Boiling water helps in dissolving the soap residue and dust which got accumulated and thus unclog the drain. If your pipes are made of PVC or any other material which can harm due to temperature change then this method should be avoided. Boiling water can melt the pipes and pipes joints and make the problem more severe for you. In such cases, it is better to contact local plumbing experts and take their help to resolve the issue.
  2. Using Hand

    You can remove excess hairs and other things using hands. You can wear gloves to protect your hand. In this process, you can clear the surrounding area of the drain or the area where your hand can reach. Generally, this is not a very effective way of clearing clog. Use a plumbing service provider for the best results.
  3. Using Hook or Clog Hanger

    This method is used to remove hairs and gunk from the drain using a wire or hook. If the blockage is due to the build-up of minerals then this is not a useful way to clean the drain. For such a blockage you need professionals. So search plumbing service near me and identify experienced professional plumbers who can help you in clearing the blockage.
  4. Using Plunger

    You can use a plunger to clear the clog. Avoid the use of any chemicals in this process as it may splatter the stuff all over you. Also, ensure that you will have enough water around the drain so that the plunger cup should submerge in it covering the hole. Also at times, you may be required to repeat the process a couple of times for clearing the blockage if the clog is not cleared at first instance.
  5. Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar

    This method is effective if your drain is blocked due to hairs. Use baking powder and vinegar in the same quantity and leave the solution for a minute and then clean using warm water. For results, you can repeat the process a few times depending on how stubborn the clog is.
  6. Use of Chemicals

    There are certain strong chemicals like sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide which are used for unclogging the bath and shower drain. Take proper precautions while using such chemicals as it can be dangerous. Therefore, We recommend you to use Plumbers Leichhardt professionals who are expert in handling blockage and leakage issues.